Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Adopt a CHIC Chef - Chef Lino Scarallo, Palazzo Petrucci, Naples (Na)

Chef Lino Scarallo
CHIC, which stands for Charming Italian Chef, is an association that includes some of the top chefs and pizza makers in the country.  A while back they initiated a program called Adotta uno Chef /Adopt a Chef designed to pair up a chefs and a blogger with the objective of letting readers get a peek into the life of a chef through day-to-day operations, recipes, and exclusive events.

I have the honor (and pleasure) of being matched up with Michelin starred chef Lino Scarallo of Palazzo Petrucci in Naples. 
I have known Scarallo for about three years; in fact, we actually met for the first time in the kitchen of a CHIC event (here) in 2013.

I have already shared several dishes and videos of the chef’s specialties on my blog such as here, here, and here

So what’s next?  Follow along!

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