Monday, November 14, 2016

Stepping Out of the Kitchen – Pastificio Gentile, Gragnano (Na)

Only a few weeks have passed since my visit to Pastificio Gentile’s newly renovated location along Windmill Valley in Gragnano.  I wrote about it here.  It was during that visit that I made plans to come back during the day, maybe with a notebook to take a few notes, and maybe with a few friends to share the experience. 
That’s what happened last Saturday.  I returned with a few friends…chefs from restaurants that I’ve visited in the past.  I invited them to step out of the kitchen so to speak, so that they can look at here their products come from/ho they are made.
What do chefs notice when they enter a pasta factory?  The aromas, the heat/calore… They touch, taste, and ask questions, share experiences, ideas.

 In the company of five chefs and a 7 year old opened up my mind (and taste buds:-D). A full on five senses experience!

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