Sunday, November 20, 2016

In an Easy chair with the Chef – Chef Lino Scarallo, Palazzo Petrucci (Na)

Maurizio De Giovanni and Chef Lino Scarallo

There had been a particular event circled on my calendar for quite some time.  Thursday, 17 November – In Poltrona con lo Chef.  An evening in which I could not only have the opportunity to observe Michelin starred Chef Lino Scarallo  in action – but grab the chance to see him away from the stove tops and pass at Palazzo Petrucci.  He temporarily transferred some of his brigade and dining room staff to Hart Cinema in Naples for the first night of a five evening series entitled In Poltrona con lo Chef/ In an Easy chair with the Chef.

An evening organized by Wine And The City  – Napoli to pair up chefs, authors, cinema and of course food and wine!
As the lights went down, I sat down as well…in an easy chair – row B, poltrona 12.  A seat in a sold out crowd to watch, listen, laugh, taste and enjoy an evening out  in Naples. 

The serata/evening began with a Neapolitan film (produced by Garofolo pasta -a sponsor of the evening).  Short, entertaining, and starring a cameo by a young Gennaro Esposito (2 starred Michelin chef and Founder of Festa a Vico).  Then a reading by Neapolitan writer Maurizio De Giovanni, who in his simpatico style, poked fun at the trend of gourmet restaurants who focus on small portions and high profit margins. 

Throughout all of this foreplay, the audience and I munched on tarallo, drank a hot octopus broth, and snacked on appetizers prepared previously by the Palazzo Petrucci team.

Then it was time to hear from Scarallo himself.  He spoke of his experiences, his roots, his love for the cucina Campania, napoletana …the audience and I ate it up alongside his squid, endive salad, smoked buffalo milk cheese, toasted pine nuts, and candied lemons.

No Coke or Fanta for this tasting.  The wine was provided by Joaquin! A blend of three grape varieties from Capri - greco, falanghina, and biancolella.

The chef then conclude the evening with a smile and his latest creation - a very very traditional Neapolitan dessert that the chef revisited for a second time (the first time 20 years ago).  This time the classic dessert is in the shape of a lollipop!

Grande, chef! Grande evening!

The first in my series #adottaunochef #chicchef with Chef Lino Scarallo and CHIC.

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