Thursday, November 24, 2016

Amazing Appetizers, Chef Oliver Glowig, La Tavola, Il Vino, La Dispensa, (Rm)

Chef Oliver Glowig

I decided to take a little train trip last weekend.  A day trip from Naples to Rome, a trip that would take a little more than an hour.  
My trip was not designed to visit any of the museums, fountains, churches, or amazing sights around the eternal city.   I actually had no intention of leaving the Rome Terminal train station at all!
Reason?  I wanted to check out 2 starred Michelin Chef Oliver Glowig’s new adventure – a restaurant name La Tavola, Il Vino, La Dispensa (Table, Wine, Pantry).  A restaurant located in Mercato Centrale Roma – a refined food court featuring  some of Rome’s (and Italy’s)  top foodie stops. 

 This would be my first visit to check out the chef’s cuisine so I as full of nervous excitement as I walked up the stairs, sat down, and looked over the menu.
Nerves calmed down thanks to the casual ambiance,  a glass of champagne and an aperitif with Glowig as he helped me pick out his specialties – beginning with the appetizers.

Cooked and raw fruit and vegetables.  A piece of art!

Anchovies alla colatura with chicory and ricotta.  

Simple exciting flavors – 

I’ve never had anchovies and ricotta together.

Scottona beef (knife beaten) with buffalo mozzarella and anchovies.  

This beef had a nutty favor thanks to the cattle’s hazelnut diet.


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