Thursday, December 8, 2016

Tiramisu! Ristorante Torre del Saracino, Vico Equense, (Na)

Finding tiramisu on the dessert menu of an Italian restaurant should not come as a surprise to any diner.  I mean, this dessert has been a classic since the 1960s.  Tiramisu, translated as pick me up, cheer me up or lift me up and its key ingredients include cocoa, coffee’, Savoiardi ladyfingers, and mascarpone cheese. 
No it should not be a surprise to see it on a restaurant dessert menu, including the two starred Michelin Restaurant Torre del Sarancino.  Top pasticcere Carmine Di Donna has his own take on the classic starring the same fabulous flavors in a sleeked down version.

I had a chance to hang out in the kitchen while Di Donna plated his latest dolce.

Di Donna carefully placed a spoonful of velvety mascarpone cream on the dish.  He then set down his prized mini tower that he carefully constructed earlier on top.

A tower that included two different palline, little balls.  Light colored made with creamy mascarpone and light brown made of coffee cream.

Four flavorful discs help Di Donna support his structure;
 2 63 % dark chocolate, 2 coffee sables.

A sprinkling of coffee crumble….

At the table, espresso was poured directly into the middle of the dessert – soaked up by a Savoiardi cake…

And of course, coffee ice cream on the side…


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