Friday, December 30, 2016

Together.... for Santobono Children's Hospital in Naples

Yesterday I went out for a fried pizza. Nothing new about that except that the men who made that pizza for me happened to be 9 of Campania's top pizza makers; Antonio Starita, Enzo Coccia, Guglielmo Vuolo, Franco Pepe, Attilio Bachetti, Gino Sorbillo, Francesco, Ciro and Salvatore Salvo.  Yesterday afternoon, these pizza makers decided to get together to spread a little Christmas cheer by preparing fried pizzas for a hungry crowd at Nalbero di Napoli! To make fried pizzas and to collect donations for ONE PIZZA. ONE PIZZA is a calendar designed to raise money for the "Re-Life" project designed to renovate the intensive care ward at Santobono Children's Hospital in Naples.


Take a look at what went down!

The calendar, was officially presented on the 15th of December and since that day, copies are available at the 8 pizzerias involved in the project to those who give a small donation of 10 Euro. 

Or those who'd like to help can also go online here   


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