Friday, February 24, 2017

Amazing Appetizers, Chef Marco Laudato, Ristorante Amare (Sa)

I took a trip to the Salerno seaside to visit Chef Marco Laudato at his Ristorante Amare. An exciting opportunity to see Laudato in action as head chef after many years in some of the top kitchens up and down the coast (including three years as sous chef  at Palazzo Avino's  Michelin starred Rosselini's restaurant).

Chef Marco Laudato
So let's take a look at Laudato's appetizers, all served with the soothing accompaniment of soft  winter waves.

Lobster served with a mixed salad and white truffles.

Then... foie gras and tuna.

Here Laudato wanted to combine two classic ingredients and fuse two cooking styles. Off to France for the foie gras, then to Japan for their tataki cooking techniques combine with a Nipponic marinade for the tuna.

Laudato continued with another unusual cast of characters for this appetizer.

Sweetbread combined with scampi, winter greens, and puffed rice.


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