Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Le Bollicine!!! Winerdì, December 18th

Ciao Vino officially kicked off the holiday season with an evening dedicated to sparkling wines. Vincenzo Di Meo and Fabrizio Erbaggio guided a packed house through a wine tasting from prosecco to French Champagne. First-a mini lesson on metodo charmat and metedo classico.; the two ways to produce the wines that we would be having that evening. Next- a wine tasting with the following wines:

· Prosecco di Conegliano-Nino Franco, Veneto

· Dubl Greco- Feudi di San Gregorio, Campania

· Franciacorta Metodo classico Cuvèe Storica 61-Berlucchi, Lombardia

· Champagne Premiere Cuvèe-Bruno Paillard, Francia

It was interesting to note the differences as we tried each wine; from the quantity of bubbles, the diverse aromas, the different flavors, the various blends…I could go on. Our hostess, Cinzia Dalmonte, then laid out a buffet that Ciao Vino is famous for complete with pizza from Stefano Pagliuca as well as trippa alla napolitana. Fabrizio paired our buffet with Nero di Lambrusco from Cantine Ceci.

The favorite of the evening? It was hard to decide-everyone had their own opinion. I’m a big fan of Feudi but I also enjoyed the Nero di Lambrusco. Regardless of our choices, we left Ciao Vino ready to face the holidays with a clearer idea of the world of sparkling wines.

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