Monday, December 7, 2009

Chianti Forever, December 4

4 Wines, the usual formula, but this time, with a twist. Last Friday’s Winerdì at Ciao Vino focused on Chianti; the region, the grapes, the aromas, the tastes. Fabrizio Erbaggio and Vincenzo Di Meo explained the history of Chianti making, a timeline of the grapes used dating back to the 1700s. The primary grape is always Sangiovese. We were told that the key characteristic of this grape was the floral aroma. SO our assignment then, was to figure out which grapes were used in the wines tasted. First wine: a Chianti DOCG 2007 from Cantine Leonardo. We drank this side by side with another Chianti DOCG 2007 from Castello Gabbiano. After a guided examination of the wine, we learned that Cantine Leonardo’s offering the ‘international’ choice due to its 85% Sangiovese and 15% merlot make up. Next, two, Chianti Classico DOCG from Castelli del Grevepesa (2007) and Isole & Olena (2006). Which had the higher percentage of Sangiovese? Armed with what we learned about aromas and an earlier discussion on acidity we were able to guess that Castelli del Grevepesa (2007) was 100%. I’m not a sommelier, just an interpreter, so I am always glad when I can take something away from an event like this. I tried four great wines, I learned interesting facts on aroma and acidity, and I can’t wait for the next Winerdì.


  1. Ciao Karen! I just discovered your blog thanks to the new post on Living in the Boot. So lovely to meet another Campania blogger! I am based down on the Amalfi Coast and I keep the blog Ciao Amalfi:
    Stop by when you have a chance. I look forward to following your blog!!

  2. Ciao, Laura. I hope to get out your way!