Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Natale con i toui, Capodanno con chi voui.....or What Can I do this New Year’s Eve?

In Naples, Christmas is spent with the family (i toui). New Year’s Eve, on the other hand is spent with whoever you want (con chi voui). This was something I learned my first Christmas in ‘famiglia’. So, If you are still deciding, here are a few ideas…..

There are many restaurants throughout the area that are having their big Cenone dinners. See if your favorite place is celebrating that evening, grabs some friends and go. A few years ago my family was in town. I took them to an agriturismo in Avellino where we rang in the New Year with a huge meal, great wine, and Chinese sparklers. Agriturismos are great, especially if you reserve a room and spend the night. Many places have packages which include an overnight stay, dinner, and breakfast the next morning. (www.campaniatour.it is one place to look for ideas) Another popular idea is to have dinner at a friend’s house. This is a great time to get together with your buddies and reflect on the past year. I have chosen this option and am excited (if not somewhat nervous) about preparing my part of the dinner. As far as fireworks, a Napoli, you can’t escape them, I’ve seen great shows from my balcony in Varcaturo. Piazza Plebliscito is also a great place to go. Take public transportation downtown and enjoy the concert in this huge piazza as well as their firework display.

So get out and enjoy yourself. All these options are great because I can feel free to bring my son to any of them ......Capodanno con chi voui….

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