Thursday, December 31, 2009

WAIT!! There's More....

After publishing yeaterday's blog on the finest sparkling wines, I heard from some friends with their thoughts on the subject.

Francesco Continsio, Enoteca Mercadante, said that his number one seller is French champagne, a weakness for him as well. Topping the list Laurent Perrier Brut, in the sans annèe category and right after that, Pommery Noir, exclusively produced for the Italian market, fresh, full bodied.In third place, we Italian spumanti from Franciacorta, Monterossa Brut Cuvèe and Bellavista Brut Cuvèe.

I’m new to this bollicine world and I was a little surprised (maybe disappointed) that I didn’t see more Italian bubbly on the list. Then I opened an email from Giulia Cannada Bartoli, journalist and event organizer. She is a fan of these Italian offerings: Grotta del Sole Asprinio di Aversa Spumante Brut, Cantine del Mare Falanghina Brezza Flegrea Spumante Brut, and Fiano sSumante Cantine i Favati.

I also read an article by Angelo Di Costanzo(Campania Region’s best sommelier) that popped up on Luciano Pignataro’s web site today (here) where he lists his top 10 Campanian bollicine. The article is in Italian, but it is easy to follow. There you will see wineries such as Feudi di San Gregorio, Grotto del Sole, Cantine Astroni, and DeConcillis to name a few.

We can’t try them all tonight, but keep them in mind for your celebrations during 2010!

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