Monday, August 16, 2010

Cool Recipes for a Hot Summer - Le Pere Mastantuono al Cioccolata by Alessandro Russo

I love traditions, especially when it comes to recipes and local cuisine. Here is a specialty passed to me by Alessandro Russo of Le Tre Arcate using Mastantuono pears. This is a classic during the Ferragosto period in Piano di Sorrento and surroundings.


10 Mastantuono pears;
300g ricotta
100/150g cocoa paste or alternatively 70% cocoa powder;
100g macaroons;
30 g pine nuts;
300g of chocolate
a little cinnamon, sugar to taste, 1 liter white wine and some cloves.

Cut the pears in the upper part to create a hat with the stem. Scoop out the pulp and conserve it.Prepare the filling by mixing the ricotta, crumbled macaroons, pine nuts, pear pulp and cocoa in a stainless steel bowl. Mix well and stuff the pears almost to the top. Pour the wine into a deep baking sheer, add the sugar and cloves, arrange the stuffed pears and bake at 180 ° C for about 2 hours until the wine has reduced and has formed a dense sauce. Serve by spooning over melted dark chocolate.

Le Tre Arcate

Piano di Sorrento, Italy, 80063

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