Monday, August 30, 2010

Malazè and...Wineries and Restaurants

(La Bifora-Bacoli)

Malazè has paired up several of Campi Flegrei’s restaurants with some of the areas wineries to give you two evenings to see how well they blend together.

September 8, 1900 hrs
Cena in Vigna con…il ristorante/Dinner in the vineyards with…the restaurant.
You can visit the winery and vineyards, then sit down to a dinner prepared by some of the top chefs around. The cost is 30 Euro, and reservations can be made by calling the restaurants directly. Phone numbers and addresses can be found on the web site link here.

Cantina Piscina Mirabile (Bacoli) and Ristorante Il Paolanto (Bacoli)

Cantina La Sibilla (Bacoli) and Ristorante La Bifora (Bacoli)

Cantine Astroni (Napoli) and Ristorante La Campagnia del Ragù (Giugliano in Campania)

Cantina Grotte del Sole (Quarto) and Ristorante Sud (Quarto)

September 9 2100
La Cantina Amica
This time we will meet the winery in the comfort of the host restaurant. Ais Napoli sommeliers will also be on hand to guide you through wine tastings along with your meal. For info, prices and reservations, please contact the restaurant directly. Phone numbers and addresses can be found on the web site link here.

La Cucina di Ruggierier (Lucrino) and Cantina il IV Miglio

Lo Scoglio (Pozzuoli) and Cantina Contrada Salandra

Il Brontolone (Pozzouli) and Cantine Carputo

La Cantina dell’Abbazia (Pozzuoli) and Cantina Agnanum

Abraxas (Pozzuoli) and Cantina Astroni

Il Limoneto (Pozzuoli) and Tenuta Matilde Zasso

Trattoria Il Rudere (Pozzuoli) and Cantina Quartum

La Bifora (Bacoli) and Cantina La Sibilla

Batis (Bacoli) and Cantina Piscina Mirabile

SUD (Quarto) and Cantine Grotte del Sole

For information on all of the events for Malazè go to

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