Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fiano Music Festival - Aiello del Sabato (Av) September 4th and 5th

Mark your calendar for this one…The 8th edition of The Fiano Music Festival in Aiello del Sabato(Av).

Two evenings of music, food, and Campania’s fabulous Fiano will be celebrated here.

Each evening starts at 1930 ish with stands run by the Associazione Italiana Sommeliers di Avellino offering the best Fiano from all over the region….

Each evening will have a seminar and guided tastings discussing …what else?…Fiano at 2015 ish (reservation only…you can reserve by calling 380 51 03151)…

Each evening will feature live music to include artists Antonella Ruggiero (Saturday) and Ray Gelato (Sunday)…

Each evening will present the Irpinia’s finest food brought to you by the Federazione Italiania Couchi di Avellino, Slow Food Avellino, Havana (Lapio, Av), and Pro Loco di Aiello del Sabato

For more info, how to get there, and anything else you may want to know, visit the site

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