Monday, August 16, 2010

Vineyard Hopping Jr - Sorbo Serpico (Av) - Feudi Di San Gregorio

Fate che volete! Do whatever you want! Those were the words said by Cinzia from Feudi di San Gregorio’s marketing department to a group of children who visited  last Thursday.

After all it was their day.

So why not? A day to run through the vineyards, if that’s what you want…a day to pet a beautiful black pony…if that’s what you want. ..A day to design and color your own wine label for a bottle of Fiano di Avellino…if that’s what you want.

But more importantly, a day to be outside in the fresh air, surrounded by nature. Taking in the beautiful greenery of the vineyards, the amazing view of the hillside surrounding Sorbo Serpico, Feudi’s backyard….A day to learn about grapes, grapevines, wine and the amazing job that people who work the land perform. … Seated on the grass, next to the vines, up close and personal by a man who knows…Pierpaolo Sirch ,Feudi’s general manager

Enjoying a snack prepared especially for kids by Marenna’; a sandwich with ricotta and fresh peanut butter, a frittata with potatoes, a sandwich with homemade orange marmalade, and crunchy apples. Freshly squeezed fruit juice to satisfy our thirst was on hand as well.

At the end of our visit, on my way home, I reflected on one of the things Pierpaolo told the kids.

Chi lavora in vignete, chi coltiva le vite, chi coltiva le piante …lo fa un po’ anche per tutti noi…che un giorno ci svegliamo e viviamo in questo paesaggio…in questo territorio che e’ il nostro giardino…

Those who work in the vineyard, those who cultivate the vines, who cultivate the plants do it for all of us... that one day we wake up and live in this landscape  ... in this territory that is our garden ...

E che bello…

Feudi di San Gregorio e Marennà
Località Cerza Grossa
83050 Sorbo Serpico (Av)
0825 986683

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  1. Sounds like this was a wonderful event. How nice of Fuedi to plan this!