Thursday, March 31, 2011

Passagiando sulla Bocca degli Inferi, Sunday April 3

 Passagiando sulla Bocca degli Inferi  or  "Walking along the Mouth of Hell"

Join Flegreando and discover the legends and stories linked to Lago D’Averno, the ancient entrance to Hades and a fascinating and mysterious place since ancient times.

It will be possible to conclude the day with a visit to the historic Mirabella Vineyard, located behind the Temple of Apollo.
where you can also try their wines and local products.  For more information or to reserve a spot, email

Contribution € 5.00
Cost for the tasting € 10.00
Reservations required
Clothing and comfortable shoes are recommended
Meeting time is  10.00 at Restaurant del Lago d'Averno-Charon

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