Friday, August 26, 2011

Amazing Appetizers – Caponata with Tomatoes, Nodino di Montella, and Cetara Anchovies by Chef Francesco Spagnuolo

It was hard to take my eyes off of this amazing appetizer served to me by Chef Spagnuolo of Morabianco RistoranteAnd the flavors? Perfect for that hot Saturday afternoon.  

Ingredients for 4-6 : 200 grams of toasted bread (mascuotto), 7-8 tomatoes (datteri), salt,   3 nodini di  Montella (a cheese made with cow’s milk ),  a few basil leaves, extra virgin olive oil, and 8 Cetara anchovies (preferably those that have been preserved in salt and boned)

Directions: : First wash the tomatoes and basil. Wet the bread under running water for a minute   being careful not to add too much water otherwise it will become soggy. . Cut the tomatoes into very small cubes . Do the same with the nodino and the anchovies,: Place  all of the ingredients in a wok and season  with extra virgin olive oil and basil. 

This appetizer was served to me on a silver spoon, but Chef Spagnuolo told me that it would look great in a cocktail glass or on a plate as well. 

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