Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Spaghettata with Chef Antonio Pisaniello

Chef Antonio Pisaniello
In the midst of the CHIC jam session, surrounded by fun and frenzy, there was one question that kept popping up in my mind...
Where is Pisaniello?
Chef Antonio Pisaniello, that is. I had seen him the day before at Hotel Romeo.  He told me  would be at Marenna the next day so we could chat a bit.  But 2 hours after start time, no sign of Tonino.  No sign of Tony.  No sign of the Pisa.
Then - as if on cue- Pisaniello arrives.  And after making his rounds, greeting friends and colleagues, he got down to work.
First stop...over to choose a few products.  I watched from a distance as he picked a few ingredients. Then I approached my amico, my friend.
Where have you been? I asked.
In giro...around,  he smiled.  Understandably so.  Pisaniello runs two restaurants and a catering business.  In addition, he is preparing to leave for New York City (again) for a few months.
I let him get back to work.  I've known Pisaniello for a few year and I've always enjoyed watching him a create his dishes.  At the stove top...dietro i fornelli. 
There wasn't a lot of time problem for Pisaniello. He chose to prepare a quick pasta dish...a spaghettata.
Spaghettata.  Defined as dish of spaghetti.  One that can can be prepared quickly.  One that was simple.  Tasty.  Delicious.
Though I'm not sure about the sure looked tasty and delicious...
A simple dish of spaghetti with foie gras, clams and red carrot juice. A sea snail on the side.  A dash of black pepper.
Piatto pronto...
Complimenti Pisaniello...

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