Saturday, May 18, 2013

Profumo DiVino - Cantine Di Meo - Salza Irpina (Av)

I remember that day as if it were yesterday.  A visit with Roberto Di Meo at his winery, Cantine Di Meo last June.  I remember every detail; from the wines tasted to the music played during the tasting.  I learned a great deal about wine tasting that afternoon.  A great deal about taking my time and enjoying the aromas in a wine...and in everything for that matter.
I remember the little spray bottles that appeared out of nowhere.  Di Meo presented one of them as  campione #6321.  And on a small white napkin, he lightly spayed a bit.  Fiano...he told me.  profumo di fiano.  Un esperimento.  
An experiment...
stay tuned.
Well, I stayed tuned. Di Meo and I crossed paths several times over the past several months. and  would ask from time to time.  He would answer with a smile, and a little chuckle.Non c'e' hurry.

So the experiment stayed just that- an experiment.  
Or so I thought.  
Campione #6321 has grown up - grown up and evolved into Profumo DiVino.  A bottle full of the aromas of Irpinia.  Fiano di Avellino... Di Meo's Fiano Di Avelino.  Not a perfume or cologne for your body...but a perfume for your environment...your home... your space. 
I pushed the spray nozzle once, twice three times...then closed my eyes.  Floral aromas...definitely fresh floral aromas floated through the air.  Aromas, though intense, were also relaxing.  And as the aromas dispersed, so did the intensity...though that relaxing feeling remained.  
A feeling that brought me back to my first visit to Di Meo's vineyard.  The aromas of Irpinia.   Memories that were now in a bottle.  That I could have whenever I wanted.  Whenever I wanted to take my time and enjoy.

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