Thursday, May 16, 2013

Orano Rosato Campania IGT 2012 - Villa Raiano

Villa Raiano.  I've tasted their wines on numerous occasions.    But not this one.  I wondered why as I poured myself a glass of Orano Campania Rosato IGT 2012.  Here was th latest vintage of Villa Raiano's rose' wine made with 100 % Agllianico grapes.  One that was voted one of the best rose' wines in Italy back in 2009.  Where was I? I smiled.  The winery has been producing this  since the 2005 harvest. .A friendly fusion of grapes from 3 different vineyards; Venticano - Castelfranci- Bonito. Similar to their Aglianico IGT. but macerated for a very brief period with the grapes skins after being softly and sweetly pressed. Just enough time to give it that brilliant dark pinkish color that shined brightly in my glass. The berry fruit aromas on the nose  were light and fresh. Flavorful palate with a nice finish.
I finished the glass as I prepared dinner.  A quick dish of grilled cervellata sausages with grilled vegetables.
Perfect, as thought as I wondered why I hadn't tried it before.

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