Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Codfish 'Porchettato', with Cream of Friarielli Broccoli and Clams - Chef Gianluca D'Agostino - Veritas Restaurant

Codfish 'Porchettato',  Cream of Friarielli Broccoli and Clams
I found him in the back.  Way in the back of Marenna's Michelin star kitchen.  Chef Gianluca D'Agostino of Veritas Restaurant (and formerly of Marenna) found a quiet corner of the pastry kitchen to create his dish during last month's jam session...
A new dish...something he decided on the spot, something he created as he went along.   Tasting and testing until he was satisfied.  D'Agostino's Codfish 'Porchettato',  with Cream of Friarielli Broccoli and Clams.    The chef shared with me a few details about this dish which could be an amazing appetizer or a marvelous main course. Basically, he cooked the friarielli broccoli in the typical manner,in a pan  with garlic, extravirgin olive oil and red pepper flakes.  Then he blended the greens in a blender adding a little water from the clams that he previously steamed open.  He wrapped the cod in thinly sliced pancetta bacon then cooked in water (65 degrees Celsius) for 7-10 minutes in a vacuum sealed bag.
I watched as he plated the dish, the cream of friarielli first.  Then the 'porchettato' codfish topped with clams.  It looked delicious, but as with most of the dishes that day, it was whisked away as soon as I snapped a few photographs.

That just means I'll have to visit the chef at his home at Veritas....

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