Monday, September 1, 2014

Fantastic Firsts - Pasta and Potatoes with Anchovy Sauce and Bottarga - Chef Michele De Martino, Ristorante Evu (Sa)

Andiamo in cucina, let's go into the kitchen.  Those were the words spoken to me by Chef Michele De Martino after I'd eaten several appetizers during my lunch at Ristorante Evu earlier in the summer.  De Martino was ready to share with me a series of primi piatti, first courses that he guaranteed I would enjoy.
Chef Michele De Martino

Pasta e Patate - he announced.  Pasta with potatoes.
My heart sank just a bit ish.  Sure, I have learned to love this pasta dish, but I always thought of it as a recipe for late fall or even winter.  When the temperature was a tad bit cooler.  Definitely not during the summer.  But I remained silent.

I remained silent and watched as he prepared one of the most delicious first courses that I have tasted in a long time.
De Martino diced up previously boiled potatoes and added them to a pan which he had sauteed a  little garlic and Italian parsley in extra virgin olive oil.

In the meantime, a  serving or two of pasta mista (delicata) was boiling away.
A splash of anchovy sauce to the potatoes instead of salt for that Evu touch.  The chef doesn't leave home without it...

When the pasta was about 2/3 cooked, he added it to the potato mixture.  He stirred and tossed and stirred.

A couple of minutes later, a fistful of shredded potatoes were added then he was ready to plate.

Sprinkle a little bottarga..
and here we are.


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