Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Snapshot of the Day - E Pane Sia - The Bread Oven at Don Alfonso 1890, Sant'Agata Sui Due Golfi (Na)

 I wrote a week or so ago about a book that I read over the summer.  La Cucina del Cuore by Chef  Alfonso Iaccarino.A book that I enjoyed so much, not only for the content but for the way it was written.  It feels as if Chef Iaccarino is sitting down with you in his garden on a wicker lawn chair sharing his stories with you personally, one on one. The pages come alive as he   discusses the importance of bread not only in his restaurant, by in his daily life as well.  How he often brings a piece of freshly baked bread with him during his travels.  How his staff gives him a pane status update each day as soon as he enters the kitchen.
Chef Iaccarino continues by talking about his wood burning oven out in the garden.  With ceramic tiles dating back to the 17th century chosen by his wife Livia.  The one lit every morning, rain or shine, to make the wide varieties of breads that end up on the tables daily for the diners from all over the world who visit the restaurant.

Non pou' esserci giorno della vita dell'umanita' senza pane, non pou' esserci giorno nella vita del Don Alfonso senza profumo di lievito, non pou' esserci giorno della mia vita in cui non abbia assaggiata una crosta....

(p. 120, Iaccarino)
There cannot be a day in the life of humanity without bread, there cannot be a day in the life of Don Alfonso without the aroma of yeast, there can't be a day in my life in which I haven't eaten a crust (of bread)...

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