Saturday, September 13, 2014

Super Sandwiches - Panino alla Carbonara - Chef Maurizio De Riggi, Ristorante Markus, (Na)

Slowly, carefully, one by one, Chef Maurizio De Riggi placed egg yolks into a frying pan.  I watched from above, seated on the spiral staircase that connected the two levels of the party boat known as Roof and Sky in Bacoli (Na).  De Riggi was one of the Fantastic Four chefs on hand to present a series appetizers using cozze, mussels.

The chef, however did not turn on the burner to fry the eggs.  Instead he got out a kitchen blowtorch and began toasting the yolks from the top to form a protective crust while leaving the yolk nice and runny inside.

What was the plan?  A Panino alla Carbonara - a super sandwich made with the chef's own mini sandwich bun made with latte nobile.  After placing the burnt yolk on the bun, Chef De Riggi sprinkled mussel powder on top.  He next followed it with a pancetta, mousse made with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and a few sprigs of valerian.

This ain't your mother's egg mcmuffin...

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