Thursday, March 9, 2017

Two Fantastic Firsts, Chef Angelo D'Amico, Locanda Radici (Bn)

Il Sannio!  That area of Benevento that showers us with incredible undiscovered wines, panoramas, and, of course - food.  Not my first visit to the area, and definitely not my first visit to check out Chef Angelo D' Amico's homeland. This recent visit included a lunch at the chef's new restaurant - Locanda Radici - where he served up some first course dishes that were, well, fantastic!

Chef Angelo D'Amico
Let's take a look...

Pacchero pasta with a salt cod genovese sauce,

and roasted artichoke...


Vermicelli with turnip broccoli greens, 

anchovies  from Cetara 

and fennel 'friselle'...


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