Sunday, March 5, 2017

Two Fantastic Firsts, Sancta Sanctorum, Naples (Na)

I was in Naples this past weekend for lunch at  Sancta Sanctorum. This brand new breath of fresh air located on Via Filangieri promises to be the it spot thanks to among many things, a menu designed by Chef Francesco Sposito.  Sposito boasts 2 Michelin stars and is the head chef of his family's restaurant, Tavern Estia.
Here at Sancta Sanctorum, Latin for Holy Sanctuary, Sposito, together with Chef Raffaele Dell'Aria have created a menu to treat the picky Neapolitan crowd.
Quite a challenge to a city that loves its traditions especially in the pasta area.
So, last Saturday, two months after the restaurants grand opening, I sat down to lunch.

Here's a look at a couple of first course dishes that I had the chance to enjoy...

Homemade tagliolino pasta, Normandy butter,

and black diamond truffles.


Gnocchetti, friarielli greens sauce,

grilled lobster, and miso sauce.


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