Monday, January 25, 2010

Antonio Papa...the Man Behind the Bottle

Sunday morning, I took advantage of a sunny day in Naples and headed to Pozzuoli. More specifically to Enoteca Arcante located at Via Pergolesi, 86. The occasion, an opportunity to meet Antonio Papa from Azienda Agricola Gennaro Papa. I like to take advantage of these occasions; an opportunity to meet the people behind the wine. The men and women who basically pour their lives in a bottle. A chance to discuss their methods, learn their history, taste their wine.

Antonio, alongside Angelo Di Costanzo (owner of Arcante) led our group in a wide variety of topics. We discussed the history of his winery, going back 4 generations. His winery is located in Falciano del Massico, near Mondragone , so we learned about the territory. The soil, rich in clay and stony, with vineyards anywhere from 100 to 150 m above sea level. Obviously we discussed the two wines Antonio brought to share with us. Conclave IGT 2007 and Campantuono DOC 2006. Both wines are Falerno del Massico. I’ll do my best….

Conclave IGT 2007: 100% primitive grape, mid September harvest, traditional maceration anywhere from 15-18 days in stainless steel. Antonio continues to experiment with the aging process of his wines. This wine spends about 6 months in the bottle and 6 months in French oak barriques (the little ones). Another few months of aging in a bottle, then the wine is ready to put on the market. The color is intense, a dark ruby red. I was able to smell red fruit. The taste, piacevole, dry, full, well balanced. Ready to drink today. 14% alcohol content

Campantuono DOC 2006: Once again 100% primitive, late September harvest, traditional maceration anywhere from 15-18 days in stainless steel. This wine, however, spends up to 18 months in French oak , then almost a year in the bottle before it is ready to go on sale. We noticed an intense ruby red color, full, deep aromas of red fruit, herbs, toasted nuts. Taste? I am a big fan of Campania reds which are full bodied, mature, well balanced, and smooth. This one has become one of my favorites…but be careful…15% alcohol content. I picture myself with a glass in front of the fireplace on a cold Naples evening.

I enjoyed meeting Antonio and will definitely make his winery one for our andiamotrips tours early spring.

Azienda Agricola G. Papa

Piazza Limata, 2 81030

Falciano del Massico (Ce)

0823 931267

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