Monday, January 25, 2010

Terre del Principe...Living Happily Ever After.

Love for the land, wine, and each other are just a few of the reasons that Terre del Principe began. Peppe Mancini left his law practice to return to his roots in Castel Campagnano, (Ce). There he began his journey down the long road to revive three forgotten grapes, Pallagrello Nero, Pallagrello Bianco and Casavecchia. Manuela Piancastelli, writer and journalist, left her position as an editor at Il Mattino Caserta (an Italian newspaper) to work side by side with Peppe in the winery. In addition, she has opened a bed and breakfast, conducts winery tours, wine tastings and cooking courses. I first met this couple last spring at Cantina Aperta. Their winery opened up their doors and their hearts to a small intimate group for lunch. Their events are particular, different, interesting, exciting. Imagine having lunch on the terrace after a 16th century harpsichord concert or welcoming in the harvest with Celtic harps. How about dinner as you watch the shooting stars on a hot August night? These are just a few of the events I’ve had the pleasure of attending this past year.

Their wines are award winning. Their web site is a great source of information to learn more. If you haven’t visited their winery, Manuela will be offering monthly cooking courses starting next month. Take a look, try them out and enter into their fairy tale.

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