Sunday, January 3, 2010

Starting the New Year off Right....

If you’re like me, the holiday season gave you a time to reflect on the past, dream of the future, and…. try new wines. Yes, I am still an Aglianico gal, but on several occasions, I had the opportunity to try some great wines, paired with dishes, that I would like to take the opportunity to share with you. Readers of this blog in the states, it may be a little difficult to find some of the wines I’ve listed….I guess you are going to have to pay us a visit. I’ve attached links so you check out the wines yourselves when you have un pò di tempo libero. Some links are Italian, please check them out, though and use a translator program because they are well written.

On one evening, I was treated to linguine con l’astice (cousin to the lobster). This dish was paired with a French champagne from Bruno Paillard’s Rosè Première Cuvèe. Great combination. I was fortunate to have hosts who are very attentive pairing the wine with our meals. Another evening, there were several wines served, a different one with each dish. Here I had an amazing eggplant parmagiana al bianco, that is, without tomato sauce. This was served as an appetizer in bite size portions paired with a Fiano di Avellino from Luigi Moio, Exultet 2007. (Review written by Angelo Di Costanzo-in Italian). One of my good friends is a big fan of Fiano and I’m sure she’d love to try this one.Two wines from Terre del Principe, Le Serole (Pallagrello Bianco) was the choice for our pasta alla Genovese ( a rich pasta dish made with beef, pork, onions and carrots; cooked slooowly for 10-11 hours) and Centomoggia 2003 (here) paired with another slow food favorite, roasted duck. In addition, at that meal we were served other rich dishes and another great wine from Luigi Moio and his winery Quitodecimo, an amazing Taurasi Riserva 2004. I am beginning to understand why Professor Moio is considered a master here in Italy when it comes to wine making. Once again, I have the link to sommelier Angelo Di Costanzo’s blog (here). Check out the links, but more importantly, check out the wines.

Happy New Year!!

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