Monday, October 18, 2010

Friday Night with Grotta del Sole

One of the benefits of living in Campania is that there are hundreds of great wineries a day trip away.

If you live in Naples, there is a pretty good number nearby as well…fifteen minutes more or less

I decided that Grotta del Sole would be the perfect winery to kick off this fall season’s Friday night wine tastings.

Our host for the evening was enologist Francesco Martusciello (whom I affectionately call Maestro).
So last Friday night, as the sun was setting, he took us on a tour of his winery… one of the largest in Campi Flegrei. We discussed his winery’s history over glasses of Asprinio D’Aversa…learned about the different methods to make spumante…talked about the differences in his Falanghina Dei Campi Flegrei DOC and his Coste di Cuma Falanghina DOCG… An aglianico from Castelfranci (Av) was on our wine tasting menu as well.... Quarto di Cuma IGT…We discussed George Clooney…yes, George Clooney, who chose Aspirino D’Aversa for his latest movie…what else, what else…oh. The territory. Or should say, the territories that this winery has chosen to represent Campania throughout the region and the rest of the world.

And in the look but not touch section---a bottle of his family’s first Spumante and their first Falanghina…

In addition… Salami, breads, cheeses, conversation, laughter, stories…good times.

Good times that went by too quickly.

Such a good time that we have decided to do it again…stay tuned…

Grotta del Sole
Via Spinelli 2
80010 Quart (Na)
081 876 2566

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