Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mise en Place –Scuola di Alta Cucina Opens in Vomero (Na)

A new cooking school has opened up on Via A. Falcone, 249 . Mise en Place. A school where you can learn traditional cooking as well a nouvelle cousine from some of Italy’s best chefs; Marcello Valentino, Maurizio Santin, Nicola di Filippo, Claudio Campanile, Piergiorgio Giorilli, and Giuseppe Giuliano.

Mise en Place has a course calendar stocked with a wide variety of courses. And cooking isn’t the all that you’ll learn here. During each lesson,  sommelier Marina Alaimo will hand pick a winery and present a mini course on wine and food pairing.

Here is the fall program:

18-19 Autunm desserts with chef Maurizio Santin.

25-26 Sicilian Pastries with pastry chef Giuseppe Giuliano.

1 Campania Cooking: Innovations and Traditions with chef Claudio Campanile.

2 From Vesuvius to the Sea with chef Nicola Di Filippo.

08-09 Mediterranean Cooking: A variety of cous cous recipes with chef Marcello Valentino from Palermo.

15-16 Chocolate with Maurizio Santin.

22 Campania Cooking: finger foods with chef Claudio Campanile.

23 Flavors from the Garden with chef Nicola Campanile.

29-30 Mediterranean Cooking: Sicilian Street Food with chef Marcello Valentino.

06-07 Snack Food: focacce, pizze, pan brioche with Piergiorgio Giorilli.

All classes will take place at Le Arcate, Via Aniello Falcone 249, Naples.

For more information, costs, and to sign up call: 081 19806236/48 3458415838

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