Thursday, October 7, 2010

Una Bella Notizia! Maestro Pizzaiolo Enzo Coccia presents his New Pizzaria La Notizia

On Wednesday, October 13,  a new Pizzaria La Notizia will open to the public on via Caravaggio 94 in Naples. Pizzaria La Notizia has been known for some time as a true gourmet temple. The elegance and comfort of the new club will stand up to the high quality Enzo Coccia sets for his pizzas. Pizzas that have been known and appreciated in the ‘States’ for some time now.  The work, under the careful supervision of the architect Renata Di Martino, took over a year to complete. Di Martino, an architect almost "obsessive" in every detail: from the oven made by master artisan Stefano Ferrara to the cold storage at different temperatures and humidity.

If you’ve never been before, it is definitely a place to try once, twice or several dozen times...

If you’ve been to La Notizia can surely expect your favorites with a few surprises...stay tuned.

And I’ll see you at La Notizia!

PizzAria La Notizia

Via Michelangelo da Caravaggio 94/A

80126 Napoli

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