Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sweet Emotion.... at Mise En Place

My sweet evening at Mise En Place began as soon as I opened the door to Le Arcate, the restaurant where the lessons are held. At the back of the dining room, I saw a friendly familiar face. Romina Sodano, president of the cooking school. She called me over and introduced me to the chef…Maurizio (Santin), this is Karen…a BIG fan of yours….

The fun began….And in this class, everyone participates.

We donned our aprons and opened up our cooking kits. Kits packed with the recipes for the evening. The topic..Autumnal Desserts…and Chef Maurizio Santin was the perfect man for the job.  Maurizio Santin, personable, pleasant, professional, relaxed. He shared with us recipes, tips, and tricks of the trade. Everything you wanted to know about desserts. We whipped through recipes such as crema cotta al marscapone e cioccolato, plumcake ai morrini e salsa inglese alla vaniglia, meringata alla nocciola e cioccolata calda, il tiramasu destrutturato, and torta Lorenzo.

Romina is the perfect hostess…she smiles, jokes, laughs. You almost feel as if you are in her home helping her get ready for a dinner party.

The climax of the evening arrived. The chance to taste each dessert. Each dessert paired with a passito hand picked by Mise En Place’s wine consultant, sommelier Marina Alaimo. Marina, who paired tonight's desserts with three different passitos from Salento. She took the time to explain why these wines are the perfect fit for Maurizio’s desserts.

So as I try to sum up the evening, one word continuously comes to mind…


Mise En Place has a great schedule which can be found here or by going to their site.
Their courses are also available in English (minimum 4 students).
Mise En Place
Via Aniello Falcone, 249
081 19806236

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