Monday, December 19, 2011

Agriturismo La Grotta - Corbara (Sa)

The calendar said December but Salerno didn’t care.  Salerno,  home to a spectacular hot spots up and down the Amalfi Coast…villages and towns speckled around Monti Lattari.  Towns like Corbara famous for their tomatoes; their Corbarino.  Corbara, home to Agriturismo La Grotta.

The calendar said December, but the sun was bright that afternoon as parked my car under a lemon tree, walked past an olive orchid and stepped into Agriturismo La Grotta’s dining room.  A dining room nestled nicely into a cave..a grotta.
A look at the menu and a chat with chefs Guido Ruggiero and Gerardo Garofalo it clear to me that this lunch would be one that would be full of products from the territory – many grown on the grounds itself.  Pastas, prosciuttos, cheeses and other latticini from the surrounding area.  Wines from Campania.  It makes sense, right? 
So we began with a few appetizers….

eggplant parmigiana, pizza con scarola, frittata di pasta, gateau di patate, polenta con pancetta


zeppole and bruschetta

prosciutti and salumi

T’is the season for cauliflower, so why not pasta and cauliflower?

Or fusilli with a rich meat sauce?

Or paccheri served with a sweet Cobarino tomato sauce. La Grotta’s home grown tomatoes?

 We were inland, so our second course would feature carne, meat…

'stinco di maiale' with mushrooms

grilled steak with parmagiano cheese, rucola, and balsamic vinegar

Dessert?  When your life hands you lemons, make a Semifreddo di limone

Or if you’re a chocolate lover, why not a mini chocolate cake filled with melted chocolate?

Chef  Gerardo Garofalo 
Chef Guido Ruggiero

Lunch, or dinner for that matter, is not all this agriturismo has to offer.  Three comfortable rooms overlooking their orange and lemon orchards as Mount Vesuvius lurks in the far distance.   A playground…fruit and vegetable gardens…a barbecue area with plenty of space…spectacular views.

And I wouldn’t worry about the weather.  Corbara doesn’t.

Via Moncelle – Corbara (sa)
081 338 9565092

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