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Ravioli di Cotechino con Lenticchie e Minestra Nera - Chef Giuseppe Daddio - La Locanda delle Trame (Ce)

I couldn't let the season go by without a recipe from Chef Giuseppe Daddio.  Ravioli stuffed with cotechino sausage with lentils and black soupA ravioli packed with products Campanian Christmas classics...

Ingredients for 6
(for the pasta)
wheat flour "00" gr. 125
durum wheat semolina flour gr. 125
salt. 3 g
fresh egg yolks. 170 g

Mix all the ingredients to form a dough that is smooth and homogeneous.
Allow to stand and thenroll  the dough until it is very thin. Cut into  pairs of triangles, fill with pecorino cheese and close by pressing the edges of the dough.
 (For the sausage filling)
Cotechino N °. 1pcs.
ricotta. 250 g
black soup  bleached  gr. 100
Grated Parmesan cheese. 50 g
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook the sausage for about 30 minutes in a pot of boiling water.
Remove the sausage from its casing. Add the ricotta  cheese, and black soup. Mix everything together and fill the ravioli.

For the lentils
Lentils gr. 200
Diced vegetables. 100 g
Extra virgin olive
Salt and pepper .
Vegetable broth as needed

Brown the vegetables in the bottom of a pot with oil, add the lentils and cook with vegetable broth.

To assemble the dish:
Serve the lentils in a deep dish.  Add the place the ravioli on top (which has been previously tossed in the black soup.

 Merry Christmas, Chef!

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