Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Taste of Christmas - Insalata di Broccoli con Aringa Affumicata - Chef Raffaele Vitale - Casa Del Nonno 13 (Sa)

There were a row of them A row of small clear plastic hollow prisms waiting for the chef.  Chef Raffaele Vitale who silently...patiently...and meticulously filled each one with his taste of Christmas.  Broccoli di Natale, he told me.  Greens that are very common at the vegetable stands and on the dinner table during the holiday season.   But Chef Vitale added his angle to the dish...garlic mayonnaise, candied lemon peel, and lemon gelatin, he continued.  And on top, wrapped around a toothpick?  This was taste was tasty and new for me.  Aringa...aringa affumicata...smoked herring.

Chef Vitale

Merry Christmas Chef!

Casa Del Nonno 13
Via Carracciolo 11
Sant'Eustachio di Mercato San Severino
089 894399

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