Monday, December 12, 2011

A Piece of Cake with Teresa Doria

I remember when I was happy with just a simple sheet cake.  A dozen cupcakes.  Who knows, maybe with some sprinkles on top.

Times sure have changed.  Thanks to televison shows like Cake Boss, baking and designing cakes has become the latest trend.  I had a chance to sit in on  Teresa Doria's cake design course at the Dolce & Salato Cooking School in Maddaloni (Ce) last week.  

Teresa Doria

Twenty five years of cake decorating experience sitting beside me,. patiently turning icing into a nativity scene.  Joeseph...Mary...a sweet baby Jesus.

Other students were completing their cakes as well.  Santa Clauses, snowmen, Christmas trees.

Yes, I remember when I was happy with a simple sheet cake, and a dozen cupcakes with a few spinkles on top. At least I can still lick the spoon!

Dolce & Salato Cooking School offers a full range of cooking classes for amateurs as well as those already in the field.  For more information, contact the school at 0823 436022.

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