Monday, November 1, 2010

Amazing Appetizers -Ciambotta e Ricotta in Formella by Chef Rosanna Marziale

Here is an amazing appetizer by Chef Rosanna Marziale of Le Colonne in Caserta. 

100 gr ricotta
18 g egg white
Gr.10 of juice from a red pepper, yellow pepper and basil to color the ricotta

Place the ricotta and 'colorings' in a mixer and mix depending on the softness of ricotta.
Let chill for 20 minutes
Using a pastry bag, line a cheese-mold leaving the center empty.
Steam 26 minutes at 85 ° C

Ciambotta (vegetable mixture)
5 gr onion
12 gr eggplant
16 g zucchini
5 gr red bell peppers
5 gr yellow peppers
10 gr potatoes
30 g ripe tomatoes
1 mint leaf
3 basil leaves
10 gr ricotta (To be added to the cooked ciambotta later)
20 ml extra virgin olive oil
50 gr mozzarella sauce to put on top

Cut all the vegetables into small pieces. Sauté the onion in the oil and start cooking the vegetables starting with the firmest ones. Once ready place the mixture, along with the fresh ricotta into the cheese mold. Place in the oven for 3 minutes at 80 ° C. Serve accompanied with the a little of the ciambotta on the side.

Le Colonne
Via Nazionale Appia, 7-13

81100 Caserta
0823 467494

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