Monday, November 1, 2010

Città del Gusto Napoli Threw a Party...And Campania Came

October 31st...Instead of trick or treating, I,  along with about 500 Campania wine lovers attended the Galà del Vino Campano

The idea was Paolo De Cristofaro's, head of Gambero Rosso's Campania section.  His plan was to celebrate Campania wines.  So he called a few friends to discuss  Campania and its wines in general. Friends such as Daniele Cernilli, Luigi Salerno, Carlo Flamini, Nicola Venditti, Michele Farro, and Salvatore Avallone...

He invited a few wineries...34 to be exact.  They brought some wine...43 different labels.
He invited AIS Campania to help during the wine tastings and seminars.  Four seminars, each with a different theme, different wines to taste and discuss.

He called on Michele Leo and Gennaro Sarno to serve up some amazing pizza.  And they did.

My plan for this event was simple.  To have fun.  To mingle with old friends, many whom I haven't seen since Vinitaly like Gaetano Bove from Tenuta San Francesco, Maria Felicia Brini from Masseria Felicia.  To celebrate Gambero Rosso recognition with my Vineyard Hopping companions such as Giovanni Ascione, Flavio Castaldo, Antonella Lonardo, Feudi di San Gregorio's Alessandro Palmieri, Manuela Piancastelli, the entire gang from Mastroberadino -Piero Mastroberardino, Dario Pennino, Massimo Di Renzo, and Antonio Dente, Il Cancelliere, Villa Raiano.  To try wines that I hadn't tried before from wineries such as Pietracupa, Ferrara Benito, Villa Diamonte and Sanpaolo.

To laugh, discuss, observe, learn, admire, enjoy myself.  To put away my camera, for a little while and celebrate with Campania.  And to silently, if not impatiently, prepare for future Città del Gusto Napoli events.

Grazie di cuore Paolo...

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