Saturday, July 25, 2015

Amazing Appetizers - Chef Paolo Barrale's Bloody Mary, Marenna' Ristorante (Av)

My server silently placed the dish in front of me with care and professionalism.  She was silent because she knew that right behind her the chef was on his way and he wanted to present this amazing appetizer to me, explain the details, and answer any questions I might have.
I looked at the dish.  A delicate colorful presentation.  I looked up at the chef.  Chef  Paolo Barrale  of Marenna' Ristorante.
Larger than life, smiling, ready to describe this amazing appetizer...
A version, his version of a Bloody Mary.  No alcohol here, but packed with the ingredients that make that popular cocktail a hit.
But first he explained the base.  Fish.
I usually use tuna, but the catch of the day was amberjack, he said.
He presented it in two ways.

  • Slightly sauteed with his bloody mary mix -  a tasty tomato gelatin and cucumbers.

  • A tartar version inside a spring roll.

Add a little garlic mayo, and here it is...


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