Monday, July 6, 2015

Fantastic Firsts - Scialatiello ai Profumi delle Campestre - Agriturismo Le Campestre, Castel di Sasso (Ce)

Scialatiello ai profumi delle Campestre

Saturday afternoon, 1500 ish, Agriturismo Le Campestre, Castel di Sasso (Ce)  Here's a question..,
What do you serve a group of journalists and chefs who are in town from Dubai?  Journalists who are used to dining in 5 star restaurants, chef who are used to preparing for an international crowd?  
The answer was easy!  You show 'em what you got! And Manuel Lombardi along with his family did just that.  Particularly with this dish -Scialatiello ai profumi delle Campestre,  homemade scialatielli pasta with aromas from Le Campestre  .  This pasta hit close to home, subtly showing off what Campania and particularly Le Campestre in Alto Casertano has to offer.  The pasta, Lombardi explained, was made by hand using the family's whole wheat grain brought to the local mill and ground into flour.  Scialatelli pasta is a long pasta, made by hand and  created in the 60s by Chef Enrico Consentino.  

Le Campestre's version used simple ingredients from the family farm.  Oregano, salad tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, pecorino cheese...and an interesting touch - a particular type of basil which had a lemon flavor which gave a fantastic freshness to this dish regardless of the 95 degree F weather that hit the region that afternoon.

Another reason why pasta is a girl's best friend...

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