Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer is Served! - Octopus and Potato Salad , Chef Lorenzo Montoro, Osteria al Paese (Sa)

It was hot that July evening so I decided to have my dinner outside on the small patio behind the restaurant.  The small patio that is part of Osteria al Paese, in Nocere Inferiore (Sa). I drank a glass of acqua gassata, a glass of vino bianco, and took a trip to the kitchen to visit Chef Lorenzo Montoro to see what he was planning for me.  I found Montoro busy in the kitchen ready to plate up his version insalata di polpo e patate, an octopus and potato salad.

Chef Lorenzo Montoro

The first thing I noticed/admired was the size of the octopus tentacles.  I watched quietly as Montoro laid three chunks down on top of a creamy celery sauce, nestled between cool boiled potatoes.

 Montoro seasoned the potatoes with fresh ingredients from his family's farm ( Montoro Erbe -Masseria Pigliuocco) - capers, scallions, lemons and parsely.  Dried black olives, dried tomatoes and fresh herbs completed the dish.

Summer is served!

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