Thursday, July 2, 2015

Amazing Appetizers - Simmenthal di Sgombro allo Zenzero - Chef Vincenzo Piacente, Parco Dei Principi (Na)

Over the past few weeks I've had several chances to try same amazing appetizers by some of Campania's top chefs.  This particular plate I had the chance to try one breezy summer evening on the grounds of an medieval castle in Lettere (Na).  Chef Vincenzo Piaciente , (Parco dei Principi in Sorrento (Na) ) along with Chef Gaetano Borrielli stood silently smiling behind their table, stand #9.
Chef Vincenzo Piacente

I came closer, and with a smile, Paciente began to put together his complex colorful dish. Paciente's Simmenthal di Sgombro allo Zenzero/Simmenthal Mackerel with Ginger.  He first began with a gazpacho made with tomatoes from Sorrento.  He then carefully liberated his mackerel simmenthal from a rectangular prism plastic mold.  Simmenthal, a brand name famous in Italy for their canned meat and vegetable gelatin, was the chef's inspiration for f this dish.  Except you won't find this in a can.  The chef tooked mackerel, along with special seasonings and gelatin to place in the middle of his plate.  But he wasn't done yet.  As he was constructing the dish, a small crowd formed around table #9, transfixed as I was to not only see what Paciente had to say, but taste the final product.

Next, a generous sprinkle of taralli crumbs.  (Taralli from nearby Agerola, of course!)  Droplets of wasabi mayonnaise - homemade, not too spicy - and parsly foam.

A fusion of summer flavors- fresh/fun/estivi  made especially for the fundraising event Cenando Sotto Un Cielo Diverso.

Chefs Vincenzo Paciente and Gaetano Borrielli

Who knows if this amazing appetizer will be added to the chef's summer menu.  I guess I'll have to go to Sorrento and see.

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