Thursday, July 16, 2015

An Eggplant Summer by Chef Francesco Russo, Il Golfo Ristorante, (Sa)

Summer is in full swing. An eggplant summer, one could say, as vegetable stands and summer menus are stocked full with this amazing aubergine. While visiting the Amalfi Coast, I had a chance to try two dishes prepared by talented  Francesco Russo, Executive Chef  of Il Golfo Ristorante in Raito (Sa).

First - eggplant as an appetizer.
A taste of land and sea with an eggplant meatball in a bubbling totano squid sauce...

Then  presented later as a side dish. Campania's greatest hits in a crispy flavorful package. Sfogliatella pastry stuffed with the flavors of eggplant parmigiana...

An Eggplant summer is here to stay.

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