Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Benvenuto from the Heart, Chef Vincenzo Piacente, Hotel Parco dei Principi, Sorrento (Na)

The benvenuto.  In English it means welcome.  Welcome.  We appreciate your visit.  Sit back, relax, and ci pensiamo noi/we’ll take care of you.
A while back Chef Vincenzo Piacente brought benvenuto to a whole new level. 
Piacente, Executive Chef at Hotel Parco dei Principi in Sorrento,  thought hard about what to serve me…my first bite after an hour or so drive.  A drive which included a panic call from me to the chef when my tomtom went crazy.

So – back to the  the table and the tray arrives.  A real benvenuto packed with miniature memories of my favorite foods.  My Americana that even after 23 years in Italy, Piacente knows that there are certain ricordi/memories that I still have close to my heart.

First off – a mini bacon cheeseburger.  I mean, every cheeseburger needs bacon!

Spaghetti and meatballs.  Sure, maybe a part of my past that I would like to deny, but it is still a part of me.  Piacente’s version has spaghetti (from Gragnano – of course) inside the meatball.

Last but not least – fried chicken.  A mini chicken leg with a spicy barbecue sauce on the side. 

Grazie Vincenzo…
Grazie Chef!

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