Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Forza Torsiello!

Chef Cristian Torsiello
Torsiello.  A name that has been on my blog quite often over the  last few months.  A visit to the Michelin starred restaurant Osteria Arbustico pulled me out of my writers block back in April.  A recent visit last month gave me more material and a sneak peek at the young brothers, Tomas and Cristian's latest dream - opening a trattoria 5 km from their restaurant.  A dream not to be viewed as a cash cow, but an opportunity to share his cuisine with tourists and locals in his beloved hometown,Valva. The grand opening of Al Mulino was scheduled for tomorrow evening. I, like many of his friends was excited to see what the chef and his staff would have in store for us.
Last night, a group of arsonist tried to burn down  that sogno.
They tried, by breaking in, pouring gasoline on the chairs and tables and then setting fire to the Torsiello dream.
Instead they only fueled a fire of solidarity around this young chef and all his staff...
Forza, Torsiello!  
A name that has been on my mind, my blog and my heart the last few months.  The south shall rise again...

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