Friday, July 15, 2016

Pranzo with Pulcinella, Dani Maison, Ischia (Na)

So what do you do at lunch between dishes?  Look down at your phone? Look up on the walls?  At my little table for one in the kitchen at Dani Maison,  I decided to look up..and look around.
 I was greeted by the glaze of a mini Pulcinella interpreted by Neapolitan artist Antonio Nocera.  A glance inviting me to get up and really look around.  I did. For a good close look at the dining room which could also be considered a min art gallery featuring more of the artist's work.

From Pulcinella and the rest of his carnevale friends,  to nesting birds.  In the dining room, and later speckled around the restaurant's garden.

A few moments later, I found my way back to my table and looked up.  Did I see a little smile from that mini statuette?
Maybe, maybe  not, but I decided to smile back anyway.
My next dish was on its way.

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