Monday, June 28, 2010

La vita di Michelangelo - Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Napoli

An exhibition on the long life of Michelangelo through the documents of the Buonarroti Archive. From the first letters and poems of his youth to the correspondence of the artist, by that time he reached  ninety years old, with the beloved nephew Leonardo. The display highlights two main phases of Michelangelo’s life: the Florence adulthood period and the following period in Rome, where he became an architect of Saint Peter’s factory. The proofs of his period in Florence (letters and drawings) provide information on his Michelangelo’s intense commitment, in particular, around two great works: the tomb of Julius II who, in 1505 on the Pope’s will, should have been placed in Saint Peter but was never actually finished; and the tormented enterprise of San Lorenzo in Florence, from the never carried out project for the façade of the basilica to the realizations of the Sagrestia Nuova and the Biblioteca Laurenziana. The Roman period documents the close friendship with the young Roman patrician Tommaso dei Cavalieri and with Vittoria Colonna. On display one of the greatest masterpieces of Michelangelo’s graphic production: the drawing of Pianta di San Giovanni dei Fiorentini. Part of the exhibitive path also the ancient works of the Farnese Collection, starting from the famous Hercules.

The exhibit runs through the 8th of August. Opening hours: everyday 9am-7:30pm. Closed on Tuesday. Ticket cost: 10 euro.

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