Saturday, June 19, 2010

Notte Bianca in Piano di Sorrento, 25 June 2010

Piano di Sorrento will transform, for one night, into a city full of grande entertainment and shopping. Notte Bianca means music, dancing, sports, entertainment and magic: this will happen the night between 25 and 26 June 2010. There will also be a concert by Valerio Scanu, winner of the Sanremo Festival 2010 edition. The varied program drawn up by the organizers will satisfy even those who prefer folk music, the tradition of Tammorra, etc..; Present among other groups will be Trio Tarantae who are well known in the peninsula for their skill as artists who know how to involve the public in dance. And don’t forget shopping as well as local restaurants in which you’ll find open all night long!

The program---

18.00: Via San Michele

Agrumeto: entertainment for children.

After sunset, star gazing with Astrocampania.

19.30 hours: Parade with Paranza the Ass. I Vesuvius, street performers and children along Via San Michele, Rose Square, Via delle Rose, Via Mercato, Piazza della Repubblica, Corso Italy, until Tre Esse .

2000 hrs.Shows on the following stages:
Stage Republic Square, Market Street intersection

Ensemble Luigi Denza

Ass. culturale Promo Danza di Claudia

Exhibition of vintage cars. S.D. Road Legends - Sorrento

Piazza della Repubblica,

Judy Testa Band

Piazza delle Rose


Bungt & Bangt

Via delle Rose

Palestra Open Club

Magic Medley Ballet di Marilina Iacono

Via Santa Margherita

Tertium Millennium

Group Bizet

Via San Michele

Areton Club

Piazza Cota vialetto privato "Casa del Dolce"

Oratorio di San Nicola

con la collaborazione dell'Ass. Culturale "Music in the air" - Sorrento

Via Casa Rosa

Tendenze Latine

Corso Italia, intersection Via Bagnulo

B-Side Band

Corso Italia, intersection Tre Esse

Palestra Palagiò

Resurrextion (rap)

Piazza Cota (main stage)

Beginning at 22,00

I pennelli di Vermeer

Valerio Scanu

More info can be found at the following link.

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