Thursday, June 3, 2010

When in Rome...La Barrique and Roscioli

I was in Rome two days ago.  My friend Kate and I were in town to see the Caravaggio exhibit-awesome-and also decided to check out a couple of wine bars.  A little bit of internet research, and advice from a couple of 'experts'-Paolo and Alessandro- we narrowed our choices down to two. La Barrique and Roscioli.

First stop--7:30 pm ish... La Barrique...quaint, rustic, comfortable.  At the bar, a variety of bruschetta to accompany your glass (or bottle) of wine.  An extensive menu of bar food that reminded me of Happy Hours at Syracuse University. So after munching on bruschetta with our glasses of wine, we decided to go for a crostone ( basically a big bruschetta).  Our choice-gorgonzola with endive,origano, and olive  I paired it with Trebbiano 2007 Nicodemi and Gewurtraminer 2009 Colterenzio.

Time to move on.

Alessandro (trusted friend ) strongly reccommended that we make a reservation for Roscioli if we desired to go...we did...(good call, Ale). 

9:30 pm is packed.  We were led to our table, not missing the eclectic atmosphere.  Very different from our first stop.  Roscioli is a combination enoteca, delicatessen, wine bar, ristorante.  Waiters, dressed in black, very international-handed us our menus.  I chose pasta (tonnorello egg pasta with Pecorino Romano DOP, Cacio di Moliterno, Pecorino di Fossa from Sogiano and three kinds of peppers)  Kate, Roman meatballs with tomato sauce, ricotta salata, and chestnut polenta.  It was time for my red..I chose Noà 2006 Cusumano.  Besides the lively atmosphere, languages such as French, Italian, and English were sweet to the ear. Enjoyable. 

So when in Rome...

La Barrique
Via del Boschetto, 41/B-Roma
06 478 25953

Via dei Giubbonari, 21-22, Roma
06 687 5287

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